How Do People Not Know About Evan Dara?

Please check out

I came upon the work of Evan Dara via a teeny-tiny mention on the wallace-l listserv. I can say, with confidence, that Evan Dara is, without a doubt, the most exciting person writing in English today. On the planet.

William Vollman chose The Lost Scrapbook as the winner of FC2’s National Fiction Writing Competition, some contest that he presided over in the early ’90s, which gives the book at least some real cred.

If you read Evan Dara, you will be delighted. You will have an enormously fun time, you’ll laugh, you’ll think, and you’ll have your heart broken over and over. If you like David Foster Wallace, or William Gaddis, or George Saunders, or James-fucking-Joyce, or if you love Pynchon but wish he had more heart, please read this author’s novels.

Do you know how rare it is to come upon a seemingly rejected piece of art and go, “Holy shit. This guy really is the real deal. And I’m one of the only people to know about him. This guy could be the best out there right now.” Read Dara and you’ll get plenty of cred among your friends. I promise. Imagine watching There Will Be Blood or The Social Network (I use these as examples primarily because they’re deep, involving works of art that move and also entertain the shit out of you) and realizing that almost no one knows about it — how exciting would that be? You’d want the entire fucking world to know how much this thing moved you, and you’d want to share it with as many people as possible. Ya dig?

If I was smarter, I’d attempt the equivalent of this: Dara’s novels at least aren’t misunderstood in the way that The Recognitions was — reviews of Dara’s work usually show the reader to be totally stunned and in awe. However, these reviews are too far and few between.

This guy is so good. Why don’t more people know about him?

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